Welcome to a new podcast experiment

This new podcast series is focused on lifting the veil on the business side of Bitcoin.

The Biz featuresJohn Carvalhointerviewing Bitcoin professionals about their valuable experiences as founders, product designers, lawyers, and entrepreneurs building the Bitcoin products of tomorrow.

Here’s the twist!

There will be no ads and no sponsors, allowing unbiased content.

Each episode is locked behind a“crowdwall”

What is a crowdwall?

A “crowdwall” is new concept, similar to traditional paywalls you see at news websites. The difference here is there is one total goal that everyone contributes to. When the goal is reached, the content is made freely available to anyone and everyone permanently, with no additional costs to users.

Think of it like a Kickstarter “stretch goal” for digital media, except at The Biz, the content is unlocked proportionally with every payment. That means if you contribute toward 1% of the goal, then 1% of the audio becomes unlocked for listening. Cool!

and will become incrementally available as BTC payments are made.

Once the full goal for an episode is reached, each episode will be unlocked publicly for everyone, and distributed to popular podcast platforms for free.

Give the gift of BTC

50% of all proceeds for the first season of The Biz will be donated to a cause chosen by each guest.